“Christina is rock solid. She’s helped me build a foundation on bedrock. When I see that bedrock, it’s like a dark charcoal grey slab of solid rock. She mirrors that solidity for me. I now have a strong anima/animus balance in my life. What Christina showed me was how to bring the inner feminine to work; how to stalk the inner feelings like a mother lion and pounce on them in order to understand how to do my process.”
– JD

“Very shortly after starting to work with Christina I noticed a HUGE shift within myself on every level! Month after month I was feeling lighter and lighter and really starting to feel a connection with myself again. Every session i would leave feeling healed, cleared, centered and empowered. For a few months I was seeing her every week till I got to the point where I had learned so much about myself and life that the sessions grew further and further apart. Christina helps you get to the core fast so you can shift from the darkness to light in no time! Ive been seeing Christina on and off for 3 years now and after every couple of months of not seeing her, I feel the readiness to return and peel back the next layer of my onion. “

-Marybeth W.

In general, working with Christina I got a really balanced approach to my life and an ability to step back and observe myself. I can experience my emotions with more understanding, where they’re coming from, and how to channel them in a healthy way instead of suppressing or holding them back. At this point, I feel that she has helped me through my trauma. I’m not experiencing the feelings I was before. I also feel it’s helpful for me to go in and talk to her every few weeks to keep perspective of what’s going on with me in order to keep myself on a good path.