Intimacy for Powerful Women

7 strategic shifts to master love and deep connection

You’re a Success at Everything – Except Love.

You’re an accomplished, powerful woman.

You’ve achieved so much in life, and overcome so many obstacles.

You’ve excelled at your career and education.

People respect you, and may even see you as a bit of a super-woman.

But beneath the surface, it’s a very different story. You often feel isolated and alone, and you frequently struggle to express your feelings to people close to you, especially when you are in pain.

It’s baffling.

How can such a strong, competent woman like you succeed at everything you put your mind to – except your love life?

Now, author and psychotherapist Christina A. Mettert presents a book for women just like you: Intimacy for Powerful Women:
7 Strategic Shifts to master love and deep connection.

Drawing upon more than two decades of professional practice in psychology, and a licensed marriage and family therapist, Christina explains why some successful, powerful women fail in the very area they desire- love.

Boss women can run a company, but trying to become intimate with another human being can often feel overwhelming – and terrifying.

In Intimacy for Powerful Women, you will learn how to change your thinking and recognize the unconsciously constructed barriers that have prevented you from getting close to others.

Christina A. Mettert teaches how to turn your focus inward, and how to turn your deepest fears into fearlessness.

These are the very same methods Christina has used with hundreds of patients and workshop participants to help reawaken their ability to create loving, intimate relationships with others.

But she doesn’t just talk to you as a therapist.

Christina first developed these strategies to heal her own relationship with love.

So, when you read this book, you’ll also find a friend and ally, who sincerely wants to help you…

Open your heart and find true intimacy 
with others – and yourself.