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What people are saying….

“Christina is very intuitive, very experienced and has a lot of insights. She will just be with it; be with the process. Working with her is a gift because it’s very unusual in life to have a person be completely present with you without an agenda.”

– DC

“Christina was really able to respond to what I said and not just be a passive listener, point out reflections, provide ways to improve my outlook, and made suggestions of how to move forward.”

– Kim G.

“Very shortly after starting to work with Christina I noticed a HUGE shift within myself on every level! Month after month I was feeling lighter and lighter and really starting to feel a connection with myself again.”

– Marybeth W.

My mission is to empower successful, powerful women like you to find trust again after being hurt by people close to you, and have it all including love and deep relationships with people you love.

Christina Mettert

Christina Mettert

Founder and Relational Trauma Coach

Trust After Trauma was founded by Christina Mettert in 2018, and is based on 25 years in the field of psychology that she developed over the past 12 years in her private practice. Christina has helped thousands of women feel more connected to their bodies and to the people they love but felt distant from.

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